2015/10/01 11:07

This is so BAD!!we apologize for the inconvenience

We found out the problems occurring at Japan especially of the Credit card transaction in online shop such like BASE(https://thebase.in/) and STORES(https://stores.jp/)immediately We asked the ques...

2015/09/25 19:18

Last Chance To Save!!

Last Chance To Save!!Only 10 days to go on our great Autumn Sale. Steer towards Our Onlinshops and get yourself all finest DVDs and Blu-ray at up to 20% discount!!see all prices in our official onl...

2015/09/18 18:59

当オンラインショップ限定! シルバーウィークセール開催中!Autumn SALE!!

Autumn SALE!!This Promotion is held during 19th September〜5th October"Origin of Karate"(NTSC version)Normal Price ¥ 12,600(aprox.$95) >>>>Sales Price ¥ 10,080($83.66)"Origin of Ka...

2015/09/17 15:02

ネトショに掲載されました! It was published in netosho.com

スモールショップ専門サイトのネトショにSHVC Lab.が掲載されました。SHVC Lab. is published in Netosho which is the web site for specializing small shops.http://netosho.com/books/shvc-lab.html

2015/09/08 16:14

Releasing the Facebook page!!

Releasing the Facebook page!!

2015/08/28 16:32

SALES will be continued! Until 31st of August!

SALES will be continued for PAL/SECAM version! Until 31st of August!So Don't miss the chance!

2015/08/26 19:30

雑誌でも紹介されました!空手道&フルコンタクト2015年10月号 (2015年08月22日発売)

空手道&フルコンタクト2015年10月号 (2015年08月22日発売) のプレゼントコーナーで紹介されました。

2015/08/21 16:28

New Royalty free Motion Materials are available

Steam 2 : 湯気2 and Smoke2 : 煙2 purchase here!Sample movie of Steam2 is here! Sample movie of Smoke2 is here!

2015/08/20 19:14

Motion Stock Data you can buy at reasonable price!

We are starting to sell Copyrights Free Motion Materials!!Motion Stock Data you can buy at reasonable price!Those are All copy rights Free. So you can use any other kind of Contents and also HD qua...

2015/08/19 14:34

PAL/SECAM version is available Now!

No more Pre order! because now it is actually available! so you can order Now! we can ship the item as soon as your order! Thank you!

2015/08/10 11:10

Our shop is available in English and 35 currencies

Our online shop is able to use not only US dollar. You can find the currency exchange  from the bottom of the our online shop in top page ;Available currencies for 35 countries are as below;JP...

2015/08/05 12:51

「空手とその起源」「Origin of Karate」 DVDオンラインショップ以外での取り扱い店舗

国内でこちらのDVD 日本語版 「空手とその起源」と英語版「Origin of Karate」を取り扱っている店舗の紹介になります。============================================================守礼堂(店舗販売)東京 ...

2015/08/03 13:35

You Can Save 20% by ordering PAL version

Online Exclusive Event for the Releasing PAL/SECAM Version of  DVD!!It's PRE ORDER SALES!!You can save 20% OFF of it's normal price, Only if you Pre-order this Pal version During 31st July ~ 2...

2015/08/03 13:32


This "Origin of Karate" DVD are All region Free and we provide 3 version of this DVDs available.The first version is Japanese version that is NTSC Broadcast systems and Japanese Narration only.The ...