2017/04/25 11:26

Our Amazon US store will close on today

I have a very sad news today. Our Amazon US store will close on today(2017/04/25). Our withdraw from Amazon US store is the order of our headquaters office. We must comply it.However, Customer...

2017/04/20 16:48

Super Spring SALE!!  期間2017-4-22〜05-31 開催中!!

Now Super Spring SALE will be started!! it's 30% OFF (except T-shrts and  iPhone case, those are10%~20% OFF)  from the normal price!! Held from 22nd Apr to 31st May!!Don't miss it! S...

2016/10/27 19:34

Smokes 煙3〜煙10 ロイヤリティーフリー動画素材

購入はこちらから!http://shvc.shopselect.net/category/Motion+Stock+VideoSmokes 煙3〜煙10 ロイヤリティーフリー動画素材こちらの素材はアルファチャンネル付きの素材なのでとても使いやすいです。HDサイズ...

2016/10/19 18:23

ハッピー・ハロウィンセール 開催中!

空手とその起源 日本語版 DVDハロウィーンセール開催中!!公式サイトハロウィーンセール開催中!!BASEサイト通常価格より30%オフで販売中通常価格 9990円(税込)||特別価格 6993円(税込)2016年10月20...

2016/05/06 15:50

May Special セールス開催中!!  30% off:May Special sales!!

Now on The May Special sales started!! it's 30% off the normal price!! Held Only 7th May~31st May!!Don't miss it! May Special セールス開催中!!  30% off 期間限定 2016/5/7〜31迄!ぜひこの機会に!!

2016/02/18 13:04

We released the shop on amazon.com (USA)!

We released the shop on amazon.com (USA)! So you can also purchase from amazon.com now! just type the keyword “origin of karate” in the search window of amazon.comNTSC version is here : http:/...

2016/01/20 17:26

BACK to Normal Price 新春セール終了


2016/01/07 13:38

NewYear SALE !!

New Year Sale is Started NOW!!SAVE 20% !!Normal Price>>$102.6Sale Price>>$82.08Don't miss this opportunity!!新春 スペシャル セール開催中!!20% OFF!!通常価格 $83.60>>> セールス...

2015/11/25 17:12

感謝祭(Black Friday)セール 開催中 11・30まで!

Now Black Friday sale!! $66.34!!20%off from the normal price of $82.92 !!Sale will be ended November 30th!! So Don't miss the chance!!感謝祭セール 11/30まで20%オフ9900円が7920円!!この機会を逃す...

2015/10/29 10:45



2015/10/23 16:11


チャンプ様での取り扱いも開始しました!!日本語版http://www.champ-shop.com/SHOP/DVD-007.html英語版http://www.champ-shop.com/SHOP/DVD-008.htmlEnglish page produced by CHAMPhttp://karate-dvd.sakura.ne...

2015/10/19 17:03

本日、明日がオータムセールス最終日となります。 この機会をお見逃しなく!


2015/10/09 17:20

We add new page about introducing this DVD content

http://www.okinawakarate.jp/#!contents-of-dvd/luoejWe add new page about introducing this DVD contents.If you are interested in it, don’t miss this Autumn sale 20% off from the normal price.http://...

2015/10/08 11:56


Our New shop is released Now!! So there are NO problems in the transaction of the creit cards issued in Overseas. It’s Working very fine NOW!!Still Autumn Sale is On until 20th Oct. So Don’t miss t...

2015/10/07 19:06

This screenshot image is our new online shop!!

This screenshot image is our new online shop!! We have been working in progress for our New online shop since we had the severe security enforcement problems in the credit cards issued in over...